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Solo entertainer and professional musician

Solo entertainer and professional musician

Engelbert vor dem Nachsöllberg, Westendorf
Engelbert Engel - Tirol, Tirol du bist mein Heimatland

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Music means everything to Engel and he has played a variety of instruments since childhood. His musical repertoire includes the Styrian harmonica, guitar, bass guitar and trumpet, alphorn, tenor horn, tuned cowbells, tubular bell chimes and, on request, the harp.
Engel finally made his hobby into his profession in 1987 and has travelled around the world! From Las Vegas to Budapest he has inspired audiences with his musical talent. After his many trips, Engel built his own recording studio "Engel Records" in Westendorf, in which he records his many compositions and produces music with and for other musicians.

His music  is suitable for every occasion such as weddings & church celebrations, Christmas parties, farmers' markets, music evenings in hotels & restaurants and many other events and is based on the wishes of the client or the guests. From oldies and original compositions to more recent hits, everything is included in an Engel performance. Anything is possible - with sound system or unplugged (accordion, harp & alphorn) or purely harp music.
Above all, Engel will amaze you with his large variety of musical instruments, as well as funny comments and short jokes. He always has a few songs in store for
the many Danish, French, Dutch, German, British and Irish guests - they of course are always delighted to hear a song in their own language.

He is a well-known and respected solo entertainer and will convince you 100% with his varied music program! See for yourself and visit Engels Instagram, YouTube channel or Spotify page (see link on the top right).

NB: Can also be booked as a duo on request.
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